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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

DAKINGSWEB: The 6 Brilliant Tips That Will Help You Score 300 In JAMB CBT

As 2016 comes to a close, many students are preparing earnestly for the JointAdmission Matriculation Board (JAMB) examinationsnow known as the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME).The 2016 admissions were filled with confusion and controversy as the Minister of Education Adamu Adamu brought about various changes in the process, ranging from the cancellation of the Post UTME to the changing of the process of screening students by JAMB.The 2017 UTME also has one major change already, there will be no sales of JAMB scratch cards which have been used for registration in the past years.JAMB registrar, Professor Ishaq Oloyede,, said this was to make it easier for those with financial problems to register.“Students will generate a PIN number for themselves from theirphone or computers before registering for examinations,” he said.Here are 6 tips to helpstudents do very well in the JAMB Computer Based Test(CBT), examinations:

1. Download the practice software

Early preparation is key to doing very well in any area of life. TheJAMB CBT is not an exception. Even though the registration has not begun, you can start practicing now.Since it will be the first experience somestudents will have with any computer based assessment, downloading the JAMB CBT practice software is one very important step to take. The practice softwareis easily available online and can be easily accessed via mobile phone or a computer. Candidates are encouraged to download and use forpractice to get themselves very prepared for the examination.

2. Registration

Since the news broke that scratch cards will not be used for registration in 2017, many students have been worried as to the likely problems that might be attached to generating pins on their own.It is important for candidates that they keep in touch and up to date on news in connection with the registration process, so as not to miss out on any update. Most students start to fail once there are mistakes in their registration.Ensure that you do not fall under this category. will ensure that you are updated, as soon as there is any news from JAMB on the 2017 registration process, and how the pin can be generated.

3. Use the syllabus

Many students do notuse the provided JAMB syllabus while preparing for the examinations and this is one reason why the questions might sometimes look strange. Each year, JAMB releases acomplete syllabus to help students. It is important that you use this.Once you determine your subject combination, based on your intended course of study, you should download the syllabus and use it to guide your reading. It is important that you ensure you finish the entire syllabus, every single topic listed there should be studied thoroughly.The rest of the tips come in handy when you are set to write your examination:

4. Know your CBT screen

At this point, we assume that you have practiced sufficiently, using thepractice software. Here is a sample of how the CBT screen looks normally, unless there are any upgrades in 2017, thisis what you should expect:It is vital that you study the above image to get a good knowledge of the screen and how bet to navigate it.

5. Time management

Another vital issue is the issue of time. Usually there are 250 questions to be answered in 2hrs 45 mins, so you do not have a lot of time.It is important that you learn how to manage the time you are given. One way to do this is to divide the entire time you are given , so you know the amount of time to allot to each question.Move quickly, note that it is possible to click on omit and come back later to answer any especiallydifficult questions. Always keep your eyeon the timers, to know how much time you have left.6. Cross CheckIt is important to avoid overconfidence. Overconfidence kills, so even after you have answered, you should go through your answers again. Be careful when doing this however asa slip of the mouse can cause you to change answers.Check that you have done all that is required before you click submit.All these tips are important for you to keep in mind. If you have any tips you think can be helpful, tell us in the comment box below this post.



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