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Monday, 27 November 2017

Check out 10 Nollywood Movie Titles That Will Make You Laugh & Hit Your Head OnThe War (Photos)

We love Nollywood and the growth it’s witnessing at the moment, as well as the fact it is the gift that keeps giving judging by these hilarious movie titles.Checkout some of the Nollywood titles that will make you laugh and honestly, this will really make your day.See them below:-

1. King Davido
We are not sure if the producer of this movie was referring to Pop star, Davido or the King David in the Bible. Anyway, should we expect ‘Emperor Wizkid’ soon?
2. Tear My Bra (If You Can…)
Really though, even porn movies have more serious titles, but what do I know? And there’s a part two.

3. Obama Babes
We know Obama’s babes and they are definitely not these aunties in the movie cover.

4. Spider Girl

Nollywood, we saw what you did there, but it’s not working…
5. Chocolate Pinging Salon
There is an art to giving titles to movies and it’s safe tosay the people who came up with this have never heard of such art.
6. Hummer Babes
SMH. No words, guys.
7. Dorobucci Love
And they made Mr. Ibu wear a wedding gown too! At this point, should we still blame Don Jazzy.
8. 2Pac
But who did this to veteran Nollywood actor, Chiwetalu Agu?
9. Drake and Meek Mill
LMAO! Am I the only one who thinks Vic O must have had a hand in this?
10. The Batman
The what? At this point fam, let’s just be going please.

Source:The Net
Which One Have You Watched Before?



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