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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Nollywood Teenage Actress, Regina Daniels is being accused of threatening to release a teenager's nudes if she doesn't sleep with a producer for movie roles

Amanda Chisom is accusing Regina Daniels of pimping out a fellow teenager and threatening to release her nudes if shedoesn't sleep with a movie producer in exchange for movie roles. Amanda went on to share screenshots to back her claims.

She made the accusations on Facebook and claimed that when she sent a message to Regina to warn her not to post the nudes, the teen actress called her bluff then sent a screenshot of her message with Amanda back to her teenage victim and threatened her for going to Amanda for help. Amanda also alleged that Regina then went ahead to upload the nude photo on an unnamed website and is threatening to upload more.

Regina's best friend, Casie also sent a message threatening the teenage victim who is being blackmailed. They are threatening her for going to Amanda for help.

Amanda insists she is certain the person she's been chatting with on Instagram is really the actress and not an impersonator because the account is verified. She also says she's been chatting with her on Whatsapp and she used TrueCaller to verify that is indeed her number. She also said Regina's brother is aware of what is going on.

Amanda has threatened to release"everything" she has to back up her claims later today. Meanwhile, Regina hinted at the drama by sharing her photo with the caption, "I love those that can threaten me,let talk Les and do more".

The situation is a bit complicated but see the screenshots below to understand.

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