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Friday, 19 January 2018

Xclusive: Cardi B ‘lands first movie deal’ as she teases her ‘biggest dream might come true'

Cardi B ?lands first movie deal? as she teases her ?biggest dream might come true
Cardi B isn't done breaking boundaries yet. The former stripper who had a song that broke records and hit number 1 on the charts has now landed her first movie deal.
The 25-year-old who departed from reality TV show Love & Hip-Hop New York to focus on her music career one year ago will go back to TV but this time it will not be a reality show. She will begin filming in March.
No further details have surfaced about what type of movie it is or who else will star in the film but earlier this month, Cardi posted a message on her Instagram story in which she teased that something exciting is about to happen for her.
She wrote: "My biggest dream might come true this month or next month. Crossing fingers… I talked about this a lot in interviews."
TMZ reports that because Cardi had to turn down a few gigs to start filming, the money the rapper is making for the upcoming movie must be quite a lot. 


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