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Friday, 30 September 2016

Download Osule_by_Eazykeyy_[Prod_by_Eazykeyy]

Osule is a Video of the Biafra freedom fight from 1967 till date. With motion pictures of various genocidal attacks on the  Biafrans so far. Osule is a song of cry for mercy to God especially at this time of Biafran struggle for freedom from Nigeria. It's more than just a song, it is a prayer, it's hymnal, it's historic, it's provocative, it speaks to the soul. No doubt, the Fela Kuti of our time is finally here as Eazykeyy.

Download and Listen to Osule_by_Eazykeyy_[Prod_by_Eazykeyy]

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His Name is Eazykeyy, so It's Eazy.  Send your data or mixdown  for professional mixing and mastering  via email to Search Eazykeyy on Google to get links to download my works for review. Contact or whatsapp me on +233574622977. Like or follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud and Reverbnation @eazykeyy for more information and updates. Inbox me for your own Instrumentals, graphics design, songwriting contract or other music business discussions.
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