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Saturday, 24 September 2016

The 8 Types of Friend You Should Never Keep.

1. The Gossip

He/She likes talking about other people to you or to other friends, forget about them and move on because chances are that he/she is also talking about you to other people. If you have a friend who has also gossiped about you in the past, kick them out of your life. Friendship is all about loyalty.

2. One Who Only Comes When They Need Something

We all have that one friend who comes to us only when he/she is in need of something or needs our help. Anybody who shows such tendencies is not a friend but a leech and must be given the boot. Friendshipshould be about helping each other, not one being a provider for the other all the time.

3. The One Who Takes Without Asking

Like I mentioned earlier, friendship should be about respect. There are people who get close to you and feel like they can do practically anything and get away with it. Under no circumstance must your friend take anything that belongs to you without asking. That is a sign of disrespect and shouldn’t be encouraged. If your friend has the habit of taking your stuff without asking, drop that person since you don’t know what next they’ll be taking from you.

4. The Liar.

We all lie, I know you’ll be saying that, but the truth is that some people have become habitual liars and such people are very dangerous. If he/she is lying about basically everything including who drunk the last sachet of water in the fridge, then move on, you can’t trustsuch a person. They might either lie about you to other people or might include you in a lie that’ll bring you problems.

5. The Back Stabber

This is the typical snake under grass kind of person. They are with you but once they get an opportunity, they’ll sell you out without batting an eye. You can’t andshouldn’t keep such people as friends because their loyalty level is in the negative. If you see a friend of yours stab another friend in the back or a friend stabs you in the back, drop that friend and move on. It’s better to know you’re alone that have people you call friends who are even not truly your friends.

6. The One Who Is Not There When You Need Him/Her

We all need each other once in a while. If your friend always has an excuse whenever you need him/her, then they are just playing you and you need to drop them. It’s understandable when they are occupied with something but this shouldn’talways be the case. If your friend always has somethingor somewhere to go anytime you need them, then they can’t be classified as friends.

7. The One Who Is Always Talking About Your Partner

We all feel this is cool but honestly, if your friend is always talking about your partner and complimenting them, you need to open your eyes and drop that lustful individual. It’s okay to be friends with our friends’ partners but the truth is, don’t do more than your friend. If all your friend does is to talk about your partner and how beautiful or handsome they are, then youdon’t need such a friend. You can’t trust what such a person will do if left alone with your partner. Remember, we are humans.

8. The One Who Expects You To Always Pay

You’re not a bank or spenderfor your friends. The reason you guys are friends is to support each other. Yes, there are some friends who are unemployed and such friends can be excused but ifyour friend expects you to always pay when you guys go out or when something is bought whiles you’re around,then advice yourself.



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