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Sunday, 23 October 2016


Nigeria is a West Africa Country which other countries look up to, but she has called *"CORRUPTION"*.
          Nigeria is one among other blessed countries. She has abundance of natural endowment yet she lacks it. Though, she is still a developing country but most underdeveloped countries are more comfortable than she is due to the practice of this disastrous act called *"CORRUPTION"*.
         Corruption is defined as a cruel, oppressive, negative and illegal act which causes pessimism.
         Nigeria produces crude oil, electricity, cocoa and so many other things. The crude oil she produces when exported yields a very large amount of money  but where are these incomes all taken to?
They ere being siphoned by our so-called leaders.
           During campaigns, they promise to eradicate corruption. But as soon as they are elected, they become the main culprits. And their names are being changed from either: HIS EXCELLENCY MARCUS  TOBI EBELE to HIS EXCELLENCY CORRUPTION.
          Most of them even see this monster called CORRUPTION as a normal phenominium. That is, it is now a part of their day to day activities because they are addicted to it.
         Some of our leaders now sleep side by side with corruption and that is the reason they will and can never sleep with their two eyes closed. This is due to the fact that at anytime, anything can happen.
          If we are observant enough we will notice that even the less privileged sleep more comfortable at night, though, during the day they are always frustrated and the restless but the night is always peaceful.
          In the ancient days, "CORRUPTION" was seen as a "taboo" and anyone who practises corruption if unlucky will be banished from the village or town. But these days, corruption is seen as a normal thing, even new born babies knows what "CORRUPTION" is.
         Still on the ancient days, one can keep a bag of Garri outside his house for days and be sure of meeting his Garri intact but these days one can't even keep a cup of Garri Outside his house for hours because by the time he comes out he won't find a grain of garri left alone the cup in which the Garri was. All these things are caused by "CORRUPTION".
         Imagine the Niger Delta, no indigenous child has a say when they are being robbed of their natural resources (crude oil) due to fear which was caused by Mr. CORRUPTION.
           If only our leaders can change their ways then we should be working towards a bright and better future because without CORRUPTION the future won't be as a bleak as it is now.
           In Nigeria and the world at large, CORRUPTION is still and will continue to be a disasterous and cruel animal who will suck dry any country who let's it in.
        I use this medium to plead with our leaders to try, as much as possible to be humble, truthful, optimistic and positive so we can completely eradicate "MR.CORRUPTION".


C - Cruel
O - Oppressive
R - Ruthless
R - Ridiculous
U - Unfaithful
P - Pessimistic
T - Terror
I  - Illegal
O - Opprobrium
N - Negative

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