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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Former Presido of Nigeria "Goodluck Jonathan" reacts to the death of Ken Saro Wiwa Jr.

Saro-Wiwa Jr. has passed away yesterday in a London hospital after a brief illness.He was born in 1968 and was an international journalist, an author andlater worked as adviser to Nigeria’s former president.Jonathan on his Facebook account wrote: “A bright star has been prematurely plucked from the Nigerian firmament. Ken Wiwa, like his father was a patriot. Adieu great son of Nigeria”.
But while the whole world welcomed the release ofthe 21 Chibok girlsby Boko Haram last week, Goodluck Jonathan under whose government the girls were kidnapped was silent.More than 200 of the girls were abducted by the militant sect Boko Haram on April 14, 2014, from a secondary school in Chibok, in Bornostate.However, many Nigerians in their comments under Jonathan’s post praised former president for his policies.Read some of the reactions below.James James:“The day you made that call to Buhari was the day, I drop my political ambition in Nigeria.“I miss you so much. Question I keepasking will Nigeria ever find your replacement? And that would likely be the day my son would take up politics in Nigeria if he so chooses.“My dear and darling HERO I am bold to say it again that it was truly an honour to have stood and still fallen with you. I love you. I join you with the entire family of Ken Wiwa. Adieu great son of Nigeria.”

Mbionwu Obianuju: “We miss you so much our hero, you warned us against the word “change” but we turned deaf ears now see where it has landed us,,,,RIP Ken Saro Wiwa Jnr.”Abubakar Al-Hassan: “This is not ourconcern! Last time, you posted aboutcondelence message to the families of those affected by bomb blast in Maiduguri, however, you urged all Nigerians to units and supports war against terrorism in this country. I really appreciated. But since the day of releasing of Chibok girls by Nigerians Army to now, I set my eyes to see your congratulation to this gov’t. and our militaries for doing a good job that you failed to do so, but you didn’t. That means that, missing those girls is a part of your protocols by promoting terrorism in our countryafter given Dasuki order to share our money for fighting insecurity to politics! while dosens of Nigerians are loosing their lives always from that insecurity by that time! CHAIII. wonder shall never end. May God prohibits you a transquality throughout your life. Shege.”Ugbor Precious Tochukwu: “Death is certain,and we pray to grow old. But the situation in Nigeria is cursing more young death every day. Sleep well kin wiwa. GEJ you told us to choose either to go back to the old ways things are done or to vote for a freedom and transformation. But Nigerians never listing today we are in a bad situation.”



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