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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Gionee at it Again.. Check out the new Gionee S6S is beautiful

Over the years, fashion magazines and Models have made us all believethat beautiful photographs are exclusive to a select few. This has made some people so comfortable hiding behind the scenes that they could almost bet their lives they aren’t cool for the cameras.This self-imposed belief has been further aggravated with a cool phrase“I am not so photogenic”, whereas, we are all equally beautiful – it just takes a picture from a great camera phone like the Gionee S6s to see it.

The new Gionee S6S is a spectacle that beholds beauty in every place, and exquisitely carves it to perfection. While most other phone cameras reflect beauty, the Gionee S6s amplifies it.In addition to the alluring 13MP REAR CAMERA AND 8MP FRONTcamera the Gionee possesses, it hasa plethora of other exciting features that is sure to earn the phone a placein your mind’s favourite spot.

There is no condition too dark or too ugly for the Gionee S6s as it combines an arsenal of SCREEN AND SELFIE FLASH to eradicate any worries imperfect lighting may pose, making selfies a great delight. Regardless of the environment, the face beauty feature inherent in the Gionee S6s has an updated algorithm that can beautify every part of the skin, make lip colour rosy and even emphasize more details oneyelashes.With beautiful options available on the phone, the only problem you will have is the most beautiful picture to choose. With exciting modes like PANORAMA, HIGH DYNAMIC RANGE, PROFESSIONAL, SMART SCENE, MOOD PHOTO, GIF, SLOW MOTION, MACRO, ULTRA PIXEL, SMART SCAN and a host of others, owning the new Gionee S6S means you are in for a swell time. It has alsogot a unique text recognition feature that helps extract text from pictures. Instead of typing an entire document, you can just take a snapshot of it with the Gionee S6s, which then goes ahead to extract thetext so you can edit easily.Everything about the Gionee S6s is beautiful. Beyond what it captures, even how it captures is beautiful. The Gionee S6S has been modified for stress-less taking of selfies and pictures at various angles with a FINGERPRINT Capture behind the phone.The S6s adopts a 5.5 INCH IPS FHD DISPLAYto infuse your interface experience with more amazing visuals. With a3GB RAMand32 GBinternal memory, there’s enough room to indulge for as long as you want. This also suggests gaming, multitasking, and excellent video quality are pieces of cake for the GIONEE S6s masterpiece.The Gionee S6s does more than a phone should. It has an in-built videoeditor that provides professional editing for videos and a recycle bin where you can find and restore photos deleted for as long as seven days.The Gionee S6s has got GSM, FDD, WCDMA, CDMA, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0,GPS, Amigo 3.2, and DTS technology. Its processor, the Mediatek MT6753, has an average performing central processing unit with a speed of 1.3GHz. As the new Gionee S6S prepares to grace the market by the end of October, when next someone tells you,“I am not photogenic”, the perfect response should be“it’s not you, it’s your phone. Then prove it to them with the new Gionee S6s”.



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