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Saturday, 1 October 2016

Guy Feldman "Israeli Ambassador" Congratulates Nigeria as the Country Clocks 56.

The Israeli Ambassador, Guy Feldman congratulates Nigeria as the country clocks 56 tomorrow. In astatement made available to LEADERSHIP Newspapers, by the Embassy of Israel, the Ambassador pointed out that the Jewish New year commences immediately after Nigeria celebrates its Independence Day. “The Jewish calendar is lunar (follows the moon) and very rarely does this coincidence occur. This is symbolic.During the first month of the Jewish year (Tishrai) we have three important holidays- Roshashana, Yom Kippur (this is the holiest day inthe Jewish calendar where we ask forgiveness from God and each other) and Tabernacles (occurs a week after Yom Kippur which marks the end of harvest and used in Biblical times as one of the three opportunities to gather and pray in the temple in Jerusalem),” he said.Feldman further added that the first month in the Jewish year, in his opinion, symbolises, more than anything, the deep connection between the two nations. We both truly believe!“On this 56th Independence Day celebration this belief should resonate with each and every one of us.“Ekun ominira  ojo!”“Obi uto Ubochi Mwere Onwe!”“M ‘yancin kai ranar!”Warm wishes, peace and prosperity to the people and government of theFederal Republic of Nigeria as you commemorate your 56th Independence Day Anniversary.Israel was also under British rule. Weboth came out from the British incubator and grew up to stand on our two feet. Nigeria is like a big brother living not so far away. We are much closer than we think we are and present days are bringing useven closer,” he ended.



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