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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Men, Seven facts about the Human Penis that will make you Wonder.

The penis is a very important organ in males as it serves two very important purposes – reproduction and passing of body waste.Even though talking about it outside the walls of a classroom may seem like a taboo to many, we all have to admit that it is one vital part of the body that cannot be ignored – and who can blame anyone for this considering reproduction and, of coursesex, is a major part of life.Now if you thought you were already familiar with this vital organ, here are 7 fun facts about it that can blow your mind:

1. Humans are the only primates with boneless penisesThis may come as a surprise to you, but yes, other primates have bones called ‘baculum’ in their penises; humans however have penises that are entirely flesh! Whenerectionsoccur, these tissues stiffen up and become stronger, but there are definitely no bones involved in the process.

2. Babies have erections in the wombUltra scans taken of unborn babies nesting in the womb have shown countless times that babies can and do have erections while in the womb – it is completely natural and nothing to worry about.

3. Jonah Falcon has the biggest penis on recordJonah FalcomIf you have never heard of this man before now, you need to get a hold ofthis fact – Jonah Falcom has the biggest human penis ever recorded; his giant manhood is said to be 13.5 inches long! You better believe it!

4. Penises can break!This is one scary and painful sounding fact, but yes guys, it is possible to break an erect penis! There have been several cases of people ending up in the hospital after breaking their penis while engaging in rough sex or even by accident (falling off the bed and landing on it)! We don’t wish this on anyone! The good news is that does not do a permanent damage – just like dislocating an arm, bed rest and treatments can get you back in shape in a month or more!

5. Smoking and stress can affect thepenis negativelyThe penis like every other human organ can be negatively affected by smoking, stress and unhealthy habits. This would normally manifestin form of erectile dysfunction –weak erection, inability to maintain an erection and even quick ejaculation. Luckily, these symptomscan be treated with natural remedies and drugs that are not so difficult to get.

6. Size DOES matter to both men andwomenWhile most people would assume that only a woman would be interested in size of a prospective lover, studies have shown that even men worry about the size of their manhood! Just like they would worryabout the worth of other assets they own, men tend to worry about how they measure up in the size department! Nothing would tear a man apart like being told his ‘member’ is too small or that his bedroom performance is ‘poor’! God forbid that kind of humiliation when natural remedies exist for such problems!

7. It is possible to increase the size of the penis naturally This particular point is not talking about surgery or implants but several studies suggest that men can actually increase the size of their manhood using pills and devices made for that.



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