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Monday, 3 October 2016

POEM: LEGAL CRIMINALS_Written_by_Membis Godwin

Legal Criminals: those buried in public fund,
Vested with absolute power and authority.
Gazed dights voted them in_ to administer frud_
They care alot about the affairs of the Community
And like the changeable Chamellion:colo
Yet,ruling us from their bed Abroad.
We are the Law and they are above us.
In our Land of Freedom;we're enslaved
We:the voice that calls for laughter,theirs tragic.
Poor blood and sweat sustain the crown stay,
They own our fleshy-lives,we_anus that stinks.
The Senate is now a club to go gay_
Anounces them to 've been elected for four years:
We enjoy tears for four years after four years.



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