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Monday, 24 October 2016

Word of Liberty Evangelical Ministry Prophet, prophecies on Nigerians Condition/Dollars.

Prophet Okeowo

Prominent Lagos Prophet Ade Okeowo has claimed that God told him that the cost of bag of rice and fuel will drastically reduced very soon. According to the prominent cleric, who serves in Word of Liberty Evangelical Ministry, a turnaround as prices on commodities will crash in no time. However, the man of God is not sure if this would happen under the government of Muhammadu Buhari.
Okeowo disclosed his fresh prophecies in a chat with Encomium, advising Nigerians to stop blaming Buhari for all problems, as the president needed time to fix the country.The prophet said: “That’s what God has revealed to me. Listen to me attentively; I am not speaking my words but God’s.“Now, people buy rice N25, 000 per bag but God told me that we’re going to buy a bag of rice as cheap as N5, 000. A US dollar will exchange for as low as N150 and fuel will sell for as low as N30 or N40 per litre. That’s what God said will happen in this country.”“God didn’t tell me that one but He revealed to me all of these and more beautiful things will happen after all the pain, but Buhari’s efforts will lead to that,” Okeowo responded on when these miracles would happen.“Nigeria will be forced to a stage of break up but God will intervene.”“We should not blame anybody. People should not even hold Buhari responsible at all. From what God has revealed to me, He sent Buhari to Nigerians as an angel.“God has also revealed to me that Buhari shouldn’t be worried, that everything will soon be alright. God showed me that Nigeria is like a second hand car (Tokunbo). We all know that if you buy a second hand car, it’s surely not in a perfect state. You will be fixing this today, that tomorrow until it’s fully fit. And it’s not something that will be done overnight.“We all need to understand that if we want the country to move forward. Buhari is the one buying all the spare parts to repair the damaged car called Nigeria. By the time he completes the repair, the vehicle will move and everybody will enjoy it. That’s just the parable of Nigeria’s situation now.“Everything will soon be alright. There are many Josephs that God is going to use to uplift this country, and Buhari is one of them.”
The cleric also warned Governor Akinwunmi Ambode of Lagos state to beware of the way he chose his commissioners so that they will not destroy his administration. He also advised Governor Amosun of Ogun state to be careful of some people in the state, because some of them are hell bent in destroying his administration as well. Prophet Okeowo was among those who predicted that ex-president Jonathan would lose the 2015 general elections. His prediction that Germany would defeat Nigeria in the Olympic soccer final has also come to pass in recent times. Meanwhile,another cleric Primate Elijah Ayodele has a prophecy that the nation will never know peace due to the gruesome murder of Alhaji Abubakar Tafawa Balewa. Primate Ayodele also advised Buhari and APC national chairman Bola Tinubu to settle their differences.


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