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Saturday, 3 June 2017

Dakingsweb Back As we Bring You Real Madrid vs Juventus Live Score and Commentary, UEFA Champions League Final 2017: JUV vs RMA

Juventus 1 - 2 Real Madrid (Mandzukic 27' ; Ronaldo 20', Casemiro 62')
Updated: 13 mins agoPublished: 22 mins ago
63' Mandzukic tries to pick out Higuain in behind the Real Madrid defence, but the Argentine has waddled his way offside. 

52' Toni Kroos goes into the book for a foul on his fellow German Sami Khedira - truth be told, it looked harmless. Zidane's bald pate is probably hot enough to boil water at the moment. No Glasgow kisses now, Zizou, calma!
51' Boy that Dybala has some quick feet - he shuffles past two purple shirts like it's nothing - but ref calls play back for a foul suffered by Dani Alves. He got stood on by Marcelo and that looked painful! 
50' Juventus do the passing about-bit for a while as they try to draw the sting out of Real Madrid's early attacking endeavour. The ball is then lost by Higuain with a pass straight to Isco.
49' The corner amounts to nothing, but Bonucci's been clattered into, by the ball - which smacked him on the nose - and he looks a touch dizzy... hopefully, it's not a serious concussion. 
48' Things are definitely not calm now. Isco sneaks in behind Barzagli after a second Marcelo ball in behind the Juve right back - but the veteran does superbly to recover and limit it to a corner. 


Juventus 1 - 1 Real Madrid (Mandzukic 27' ; Ronaldo 20')


Updated: 6 mins agoPublished: 12 mins ago

7 min ago




What an absolutely open final - the best 45 in living memory - as both heavyweights slugged it out. Ronaldo opened the scoring with a sublime curler into the bottom corner(Bonucci, or no Bonucci, that was destined for the corner) before Mandzukic smashed in the equaliser with arguably the greatest Champions League final goal since that Zidane goal.

Magnificent stuff. More of this please Monsieur Zidane, Signor Allegri. WOOF.


10 min ago

46' After more pleasing passing about - essentially harmless from Juve's point of view - Isco tries to play in Carvajal behind Sandro, but the Brazilian is having none of it. You want to know just how hard Juventus are defending? Higuain is man-marking Casemiro to prevent Madrid frrom going for the easy out ball. Yes, Gonzalo Higuain


12 min ago

45' Madrid are looking threatening everytime they show a bit of patience on the ball... and just as I type that Casemiro goes for glory from nigh-on thirty yards out. If looks could kill, Ronaldo would be in jail right now


13 min ago

43' Madrid stroke it really pleasantly and it ends with Carvajal sweeping in a teasing ball that just evades that salmon-like leap of Cristiano Ronaldo and ensconces itself comfortably in the hands of Buffon


14 min ago

42' Dani Alves v Marcelo again - but this time the bushy haired Madrid man comes out on tops. Madrid try passing the ball around a bit to relieve the pressure they've been under for the last ten-fifteen minutes.


16 min ago

41' Dani Alves is straight up against Marcelo in this new fangled Allegri system and he's getting the better of his left-footed compatriot. Madrid are losing it a bit as they lose sight of the bal - Carvajal goes into the book for yet another foul on Mandzukic


17 min ago

40' Mandzukic hobbles back on. Khedira powers through the middle in that awkward, strong, style of his.... and the ball is worked out to Pjanic - whose good looking volley is blocked well by Varane


19 min ago

38' Mandzukic is down hurt after a proper old-school 50-50 with Dani Carvajal and the Croat is in need of some serious medical attention. Can the magic spray work its, erm, Magic?


20 min ago

37' Thankfully (for the referee's sanity) - Bonucci manhandles Varane and it's a freekick for Real Madrid


21 min ago

36' The delivery is typically vicious, and Real Madrid can't really clear their lines.Il Bianconeri are properly on top and are getting the rub of the green here - a ball goes off Alex Sandro, but it's a corner to Juve


22 min ago

35' It's getting a lot more physical now - Benzema and Pjanic go up for a ball, and the Bosnian is felled by the Frenchman. Another freekick that Pjanic will look to send in


23 min ago

34' Dybala takes it and smacks it into the wall. Sigh. How can the Bosnian not have first-choice in these kind of situations


24 min ago

33' Modric clumsily brings down Dybala and Juventus have a freekick in Miralem Pjanic range.


24 min ago

31' OH MY! Ronaldo misdirects one of his staple headers as the ball came zooming in from Marcelo's left boot. Benzema possibly unsighted him, there.

Akash Mishra had earlier mailed in with"Reckon zidane would have been better playing James atleast as a substitute... He's been a phenomenon this season. Also quite interesting to see that nacho is the sole defensive Madrid must be looking to go all out attack which will be enthralling.. Final word: Hopefully it'll be quite brilliant again to follow the match now that you'll be covering it" - it is an utterly brilliant match, Akash!


26 min ago

30' Samyak Bhartur has been in touch -Expecting Higuain to* channel his inner-Galactico and bottle up in front of the goal.El Pipita looks up for it, though, Samyak.Meanhile, Sergio Ramos goes into the book for a ridiculously rash tackle on Dani Alves - the Real Madrid captain is on a proper tight-rope


28 min ago

29' Carvajal bombs forward in search of an instant response in this insanely open final, but Sandro holds his ground well. Juve recover the ball soon enough and look to move forward at pace - but Dybala gets cut down violently by a typical Sergio Ramos tackle. No yellow, and Juve are furious.


29 min ago

HOLY WOW! WHAT A GOAL! WHAT. A. GOAL. Alves sent a ball into Sandro who swept it into the box, Higuain cushioned a header to Madzukic but the Croat had it all to do - back to the goal, and at the edge of the box - HE SCISSOR KICKED THE BALL IN WITH IMPLAUSIBLE VELOCITY. Stunning does it no justice


31 min ago



31 min ago

25' ... till Navas loses the ball to Dybala. The little jewel jinks in and tries to feed in Mandzukic, but it's cut out by an alert Carvajal. The ball is moved upfield with swift venom but Isco miscontrols a superb Modric goal at the edge of the Juve box, and that's that.


32 min ago

24' Sandro smacks yet another ball in from the left, but it bounces off Higuain's noggin' in a cartoonish *boop* fashion. Marcelo almost makes a hash of the clearance, but the men in purple have it in control....


33 min ago

23' Ronaldo goes down under a challenge from Barzagli, but the ref feels he did that far too easily and waves his protestations away.


34 min ago

22' Pjanic brings out his inner Dybala and dances past three defenders, but not past Varane. Real Madrid scramble it clear


36 min ago

CRISTIANO RONALDO! CRISTIANO RONALDO! CRISTIANO RONALDO! Real Madrid counter at pace after a Dani alves mistake. Marcelo and Kroos move it foward - Ronaldo passes it to Carvajal on the overlap and gets it back where he smacks it in first time... the ball deflects off the outstretched toe of Bonnuci and flies in beyond a despairing Buffon


38 min ago



38 min ago

18' Cristiano Ronaldo lines up to shoot - Chiellini remembers what he once said about him "how do you stop Ronaldo from scoring? stop him from shooting" and proceeds to does so, along with Barzagli, Bonnuci and Alves. It wasn't a pretty sight


39 min ago

17' Barzagli is playing at right back and Marcelo is absolutely loving it. He plays a sublime one-two with Benzema but can't get his cross into the box. Juventus recover the ball and Casemiro upends Pjanic. Quite naturally, the Brazilian escapes with just the warning.

41 min ago

16' Sandro tries to prompt another attack down the left, but Carvajal and Varane do enough to close him down and prompt another bit of Madrid passing. They have pressed the Juventus XI into their own half with their patient passing, here

42 min ago

15' Dani Carvajal does supremely well to get around Alex Sandro - but inexplicably the ref blows for a foul. That simply looked like a brilliant piece of play from the Spaniard

44 min ago

14' It's all a bit scrappy right now as both teams seek to establish their dominance in midfield - Real Madrid look a lot more settled, and despite a loose pass from Cristiano Ronaldo, Madrid keep on to the ball.

45 min ago

13' Marcelo smashes a right footed cross that Benzema controls magnificently with his chest, but the second touch is on his arm and peep peep goes Brych's whistle

46 min ago

12' Toni Kroos is pulled down by Paulo Dybala and the Argentine gets a deserved caution for that bit of gamesmanship - the German looked all set to spark a dangerous Real counter

46 min ago

11' Ronaldo tries to run onto a hopeful Kroos punt forward, but there is no way the Portuguese is overpowering Giorgio Chiellini.

47 min ago

10' Ronaldo gets his first material touch of the game as he cushions the ball onto the path of Modric's lovely run but for once the Croat's first touch lets him down. Dybala then shows how it's done at the other end by nutmegging Marcelo much to the Juve section of the stadium's joy - nothing comes out of it, but a nutmeg. Ole!

48 min ago

9' Pjanic is getting into the groove - he tries to pick out a lovely long ball that bounces just over Mario Mandzukic's smart run and Madrid breathe a massive sigh of relief

49 min ago

8' Marcelo tries to whisk the ball down the left, but Higuain - yes, Gonzalo Higuain - tracks back and does his bit to make sure the Brazilian has nowhere to go.

50 min ago

6' Alex Sandro looks a threat on the left, but it's his compatriot on the right that is causing all the trouble. The Brazilian swings a beauty in that is just above everyone ... but the ball works its way out to Miralem Pjanic. The bosnian lets LOOSE WITH AN ABSOLUTE HOWITZER OF A VOLLEY BUT NAVAS DOES SUPERBLY TO DIVE TO HIS RIGHT AND PALM IT AWAY. UFF! JUVENTUS LOOKS SO MUCH MORE DANGEROUS AT THE MOMENT!

52 min ago

5' Mandzukic is such a disciplined player - the striker has sacrificed himself for the larger cause and is playing a deep, deep, left midfield role. Madrid are getting absolutely no purchase in the Juve half

53 min ago

4' WOOF! HIGUAAAAAIN! The Argentine turns on a dime and absolutely blooters an attempt at goal - it's straight at Navas, but the Costa Rican simply can't hold on to the ball... thankfully for Madrid, there's no in black and white to pounce

54 min ago

3' OOOO! First chance of the match, and it had to be Gonzalo Higuain, neh? The Argentine striker is the first to a floater from Mandzukic but his header doesn't trouble Navas

55 min ago

1' Miralem Pjanic crunches into a superb tackle on Karim Benzema near the centre circle - a harbinger of things to come. This is going to be a tough, tough, game. Mandzukic tries to do the same on Luka Modric, but does so illegally and Felix Brych gives a foul


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