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Friday, 13 October 2017

Dakingsweb: [Tribute to Grandma] × FROM A GRAND CHILD TO A GRAND MOM__Poet.Membis_Godwin

We ate with the same spoon
We drank with the same cup
We slept under the same roof
And spent most time with stories
And she promised to be there
The day I would graduate
From High School
Grandma spoke softly to my ear
That soon she would go but must live to her promise
And a week before my day
A week before 24th July
Grandma was comard
Like a vegetable she started fading like the sun-rays
My graduation day was clouded with joy
Joy of secret tears
Grandma honoured it
She lived; she smiled
And that night was different
It all started with an errand breeze
Which came to take her away
I had to cry: I did
My joy turned to sorrow
Sorrow that calls for celebration
She lived long on earth
Her life well spent
She loves me so dear
Am her husband in my first world
And I felt her romantic palm
Her voice sounded
When she looks at me
I see our lost affection
My Grandmom is a blessing to the world
She is poetic; she's musical
Grandma is gifted
And she left her wisdom here
She gave me part of it
All of her grey wisdom

And this is my work to her
To her companionship
To her love and care
A prose-poem to her.
Who would on 10th November as the culture demands
Rest in peace
Lolo goes to grave.

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