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Friday, 13 October 2017

Dakingsweb: UTOPIA_by_Poet.Membis_Godwin

When rivers get dry
My love will not cease to flow
When mountains can't high
My love will still grow
Like galaxies of stars
Beyond the bars

I have got an endless love
An immortal feeling for you
Ignited by my inward stove
That ever shall burn for you

Let the world know you are mine
Even when I weakly do lay
Like an unpowered Robert
You still will dwell in my heart

My love is made of gold
Never can it grow old
It is as strong as diamond
Oh! Never can it fold

When stars fail to twinkle
My heart will not fumble
The feelings will not rumple
They would smile like dimple'

When fishes fin fail foully
I will still call you honey
Your taste will never be lost
Oh! Cassie I will still hold you soft'

(c) Membis Godwin

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