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Friday, 13 October 2017

Dakingsweb: THE POEM OF MY Soul by POET Membis Godwin

Poet Membis Godwin Said *"I was surprise when someone called me from London saying that I should post a poem that she miss it for my poems do do magic in her heart. So I have decided to drop a poem below and keep passing for those who miss my Daily Poems"*

There is this poem burning in me
With frozen flame unquenchable
Making me sleepless
Like the breeze
It is the poem of my soul
The poem I dream to write

A poem I could be proud of
From edges to edges
Filled with emotions
That will make your heart blend with mine

I have not written that perfect poem
To make you think of me
Dream of me
And fall deeply in love with me
Like non has ever done
The melodies I have are broken
But this poem I lung to write
I hope will sweeten the bile

A poem of great passion
To make the volcano cold
Cast fire on ice
How I wish I could write it tonight
The poem I could be proud of
A poem to make you share my heart
My secret desires

What is this poem I speak of?
This great poem I imagine?

A poem the wind would take to you
A poem to whisper in your ears
To make you restless
Until you fall in love with me

The poem to pause the universe
And make the stars twinkle for us
As the moon stands to envy
The magic of the miraculous lines

It is this poem I write to you
And I hope on it for the harmony
The chemistry of our soul
That love unseen
I pray this to make you mine
The poem burning in me.

(c) Membis Godwin

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