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Thursday, 16 November 2017

Dakingsweb: Kim Kardashian's new fragrance line grosses $10 Million in one day

According to TMZ, reality star, Kim Kardashian's new fragrance line has grossed $10 million in just one day. Read TMZ report belowKim Kardashian made $10 million in just ONE DAY of selling perfume... and incredibly not even a single customer got a whiff yet. Kim's fragrance hit the online world Wednesday morning. Customers got to choose between 3 fragrances-- Crystal Gardenia, Crystal Gardenia Oud and Crystal Gardenia Citrus. Only 300,000 bottles were produced and they're expected to completely sell out by Thursday night. Beyonce could take a lesson from Kim, who made lemonade out of herrobbery. She used healing crystals to calm her nerves after the Paris robbery last year, and the crystal is now the cornerstone of her perfumeline. The $10 mil sales tab didn't happen by accident. Kim launched a social media campaign that would have impressed General MacArthur, and it clearly paid off. We're told in just the first day sales hit $1 million.Kim didn't just lend her name to the new fragrances ... she was involvedin every aspect of the launch, from developing the scents to creating the packaging.When the 300,000 bottles are accounted for, she'll have sold $14 mil ... in a day and a half.

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