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Friday, 17 November 2017

Dakingsweb: Nicki Minaj fans release nude photos of Eve for condemning the rapper's Paper Magazine' cover (Photos)

Veteran American rapper and actress, Eve in a new interview on CBS's The Talk shared her thoughts on Nicki Minaj’s raunchy cover for Paper Magazine and said she respects her as a lyricist but "as a woman, I would not be able to do that". Defending her statement on Twitter, she wrote: 'A lot of ya’ll need to calm down AND LISTEN to what I said. I am speaking from the place I am TODAY as WOMAN and how I feel NOW' Soon after the interview surfaced online, fans of Nicki have been shading the heck out of her, with many of them posting nude photos from her 1999 sex tape with her ex-boyfriend Stevie J, which hit the internet in June 2005.Others shared raunchy photos of Eve from her days as a stripper. Watch the interview below and see how Nicki Minaj's fans are reacting to it below..

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