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Monday, 27 November 2017

Dakingsweb Update: Brazilian footballer caught on camera poking a finger into an opponent's backside (Video)

Brazilian footballer, Rodrigo, who plays as a defender for Ponte Preta in  Brazil's SerieA, was caught on camera poking a finger into an opponent's backside during a Sunday league game against relegation rivals Vitoria.The bizarre circumstances earned him a red card as he was dismissed for his assault on Rodrigo Tellez, in the first 20 minutes of the game.Television replays showed Rodrigo grabbing the Vitoria man from behind and appearing to jab a finger into his backside in an off-the-ball situation.The match later saw Ponte Preta who were leading relegation rivals Vitoria 2-0 before collapsing to a 3-2 defeat that sent them down the table.Club president Vanderlei Pereira condemned Rodrigo's attitude after the game, calling his red card 'childish.''It's no use having to think about management, technique when a player does that on the pitch. Why did Rodrigo dothat? It was childish, there was no need,' Pereira said.Watch the assault below..



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