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Saturday, 25 November 2017

Femi Adedayo - Here Is The Truth About My Marriage

Nollywood actor Femi Adebayo, has finally opened up about rumors of his marriage crashing a few weeks ago.Speaking with Saturday Beats, the talented actor said he was shocked to his bones when he suddenly beganto read on blogs that his barely one year marriage has crashed.In his words;When I read on blogs that my marriage was in turmoil, I was very surprised. The social media is a crazy placebut we have no choice but to use it as well because of the nature of our work. The news stories about my marriage are actually not true. My wife and I decided to downplay our romance on social media because webelieve that social media could be damaging to marriages and that is the reason why we decided to pull down our pictures. We removed our pictures two weeks before I actually saw the news. To the glory of God, I was at home when the news broke and we immediately did a live video to tell our fans that all is well and the news was coming as a surprise to us. Theblogger that actually started the rumour also visited the comment section of our live video to tell people that the news was false. I am not surprised anymore when some false stories are said about me as a celebrity but it is extremely important for people to know that it is better to tell positive stories about celebrities than false and negative stories. Regardless,I am not going to sue the blogger. For the records, my marriage is intact; my family is fine.



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