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Sunday, 19 November 2017

Nicki Minaj - “God has shut down every person who’s ever come against me”

In an interview with paper magazine, the 34-year-old Trinidadian said God has her back."I’ve watched Him work miracle after miracle in my life. I’ve watched him shut down every person who’s ever come up against me, and so it’s comical at this point ’cause I sometimes feel like, “Wow. Don’t they know how this movie’s gonna play out? Cause I definitely know how this movie’s gonna play out.” My closest friends and team members and family — we put it in God’s hands and leave it there. And we know that Nicki is always gonna have the last laugh. And Nicki is always gonna continue to be successful because I give so much to people who don’t deserve. And when you are consistently doing good for people who do not deserve your goodness, the universe has no choice but to give that back to you, tenfold.”

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