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Sunday, 26 November 2017

Photos: Few Weeks after Interview with Hip TV, Nigerian Artistes Claims he wrote "Shake Body" and Samklef wrote a Bounced Cheque of N1.2Million

A Nigerian artiste based in the US who goes by the name Kelvin Sean is on Instagram calling out Skales and Samklef.He's also released screenshots of his Whatsapp chats with Skales.According to him, 'Humans can be really ungrateful and truly wicked. This is Skales; Nigerian afrobeats artist. I called him out on his page for being a fake nigga and he blocks me. Here is the background story: In and around February 2014, i flew to Lagos from Toronto, to work on my music. This was just shortly after skales was dropped by EME, we met and worked on a song together (my song tittled "Down Low" produced by Samklef). Skales was paid for the feature. He was also really impressed with my style. Mind you this studio session took place at a hotel in Lekki Phase 1'.'The next afternoon, i went back to the hotel to grab the mix of the track from Samklef. On getting to the hotel, Skales approached me. We went into his hotel room; where there were a few producers, Including popular producers Jay Pizzle and Kenny Wonder. Going from the vybz from the previous night's studio session, Skales played me the beat to "Shake body". At that point, he had already recorded the first verse (the english part ofthe song). He told me he was stuck and wanted me to vibe to it. I listened to the beat and wrote the French "Faro Faro" infused stlye lyrics to the song, with the exact flows he used to record the actual final mix of the song. Knowing fully well what he was going through at the time; being dropped from EME and just doing his thing at the time, i encouraged him andtold him "Shake body" was the hit that would finally break him to the world. I didn't know Skales for more than a day at that point'.'I didnt ask him for money. I didn't even ask him for credit. Instead i offered him my friendship. A friendship he was alwaysfake about. He even coluded with Samklef to Scam me off 1.2million naira in 2014. Samklef told me he was going to contract the video Shoot for the Song in which i featured Skales to @unlimitedla. I paid him the sum total of N1.2 million all cost included. On the day of the shoot, Samklef told me he was going to direct the video himself, and that Unlimited LA wasn't available to direct the video shoot. Reluctantly, i agreed to it. And the end result was a video i turned down; due to it being very much below standard. I asked for my refund Samklef wrote me a bounced cheque and till date hasn't refunded my N1.2 million. Skales says i just became his enemy, but in truth he never treated me as a friend. Always on that fakeness'. 'Truth be told, only real recognize real. Why did i decide to speak up? As you can see from Skales' responses in our chat on WhatsApp, he believes I dont have a voice;however, I'm no pushover. On a normal day Skales ain't on my level. Let it be known today that all cards will be counted'. See all the scfeenshots below...



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