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Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Guards Brigade Applauded by President Buhari for demonstrating a 'high-level of discipline'

President Buhari applauds?Guards Brigade for demonstrating a
In Abuja, President Buhari on Tuesday commended the Guards Brigade for demonstrating a high-level of discipline and professionalism expected from officers and men of the Nigerian Army.

Speaking at the decoration ceremony of the Commander, Guards Brigade, Brig-Gen. Musa Yusuf as Major-General, President Buhari said it was instructive that the senior officer displayed a high level of discipline during his two-year stint as Commander.

‘‘I congratulate the Brigade Commander for his achievements these past two years. I never received any serious report of indiscipline in your formation that is in-charge of my security. I hope you will get a command that will complement your experiences in the political headquarters. I congratulate you very much for making it to this new rank at a very competitive time. I know there are so many Generals but when you go to the records you pick the best and place them at very strategic appointments,’’ he said.

The President expressed confidence that Major General Yusuf will bring his experience in the field as a former Guards Brigade Commander to his next posting, as directed by the Defence headquarters.


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