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Saturday, 9 December 2017

Man Who Wrongfully Spent 24 Years In Jail For Murder Gets $14million From New York State

A wrongfully convicted man is settling his case against New York City for $9.5 million, the Daily News has learned.
Ruddy Quezada — who lived through 24 years in lock up for a fatal Brooklyn shooting he said he had no part in — reached a deal on Thursday, according to Brooklyn Federal Court papers.
In April, Quezada settled a separate case against New York State for $4.5 million.
That brings Quezada’s total payout for the two decades he’s lost to $14 million.
“I’m very happy that this settlement will allow Ruddy to live the rest of his life in peace and comfort after the nightmare he endured,” said his attorney, David Shanies.“Even $14 million can’t give him back 24 years, but this is a just resolution to a very troubling case.”
A Law Department spokesman said “resolving the case was in the city’s best interest.”
Quezada, 55, was convicted of murder in 1993 for allegedly ordering a deadly drive-by shooting of Jose Rosado two years prior.
He maintained his innocence when he was tried by Brooklyn prosecutors, under District Attorney Charles Hynes.



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