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Friday, 8 December 2017

[Read Interview Chat With Cajeto] "Music is my passion. . And the only thing that keeps me going. I can quit every other thing just for the sake of music.", - Cajeto


       CAJETO:  Ya Wasup

DAKINGSWEB: Yeah, We're Fyn and the Team is Growing Stronger

      CAJETO: Aiit

DAKINGSWEB: We Know you are in a Rush to do and Quickly go back to the Studio or Cooking Up Your Lyrics

     CAJETO: On A Low

DAKINGSWEB: Its Cajeto on This One… Yeah

    CAJETO:  No Harmony without Money.

DAKINGSWEB: So May We Know You Better, Give a Full Introduction about your self?
   CAJETO: ----------

DAKINGSWEB: Did You Get Our Question?

   CAJETO: Cajethan Tochukwu Onuoha
                    Hails From Ihebinowere Njaba LGA
                    Imo State.

DAKINGSWEB: So How Did You Start Your Musical Career?

    CAJETO: Started Officially 2014
                     Small Small till we get here

DAKINGSWEB: When Did You Officially Kick-Off Your Music Career?

    CAJETO: 2014

DAKINGSWEB: Okay, Impressive, So you’re 4 Years and Running in the Music Industry

    CAJETO: By God’s Grace

DAKINGSWEB: And Where did you get the Inspiration?

    CAJETO: MI_Abaga Safe was the song that Inspired me into rap

DAKINGSWEB: How has the Journey Been So Far

   CAJETO: It Hasn’t Been Easy, Like They Say Nothing Good Comes Easy! 

DAKINGSWEB: Yeah That's True, So What has really been the challenges you faced when you just started? ..."
    CAJETO: Finance

DAKINGSWEB: Well, Yeah thats true for artist who arent financial stable... those born with the silver spoon are very lucky.
     CAJETO:  #Truth

DAKINGSWEB: Are your parents in support of your going into music?"
     CAJETO:  Lol !! No... They are a big challenge 4 me.

DAKINGSWEB: So how did you Discover yourself Or were you discovered
     CAJETO:  prayers,i ask God to show me my talent, then i realised I was in love with music use to listen to timaya and M.I then.

DAKINGSWEB: If you use to listen to them then, So which musicians re you listening to Now?
   CAJETO:  I still Listen to them, They were the First Hip Hop Artist I started Listening to now I got Yung6ix, Drake, 2face and every dope artist

DAKINGSWEB: Why did you choose Music as a career when we have other entertainment field to get associated with?
     CAJETO: Music is my passion. . And the only thing that keeps me going. I can quit every other thing just for the sake of music.

DAKINGSWEB: what Genre of Music re you Into?
     CAJETO: Rap/hip hop, I do Afro Pop Too

DAKINGSWEB: Wow.... Even Afro-Pop, What inspires your style of Music?
     CAJETO: " Hunger to sound unique

DAKINGSWEB: Which well known musical artist do you wish to work with?
     CAJETO:  I will like to work with the likes of @Yung6ix @MI_Abaga @olamide_YBNL @x_busta @official2baba @timayatimaya and lots more

DAKINGSWEB: Lovely.... I Hope They See This.... And Grant Your Wishes.... So What was the first song you did?
     CAJETO:  it was titled Introduction. It didn't drop online tho

DAKINGSWEB: And why Didn't you release the track?
     CAJETO: I take them as starting point, and practice.

DAKINGSWEB: My Thinking: Or you were having the Thoughts that people may not like it and You will be Criticised?

DAKINGSWEB: Have you ever been nominated for any Music Award category

DAKINGSWEB: If you were not doing Music, What would you be doing?
     CAJETO: Project Manager

DAKINGSWEB: Which Song do you consider as your main hit in the street/area around you that gave you better recognition?
    CAJETO: #Alika

DAKINGSWEB: You dey give rapper stage fright.... You wanna glow like Mike Adenuga... Whats your Music Slang that makes your fans knows its you in a music or its you that features in a music? Like we have phyno eeye, 2baba one love, small doctor A in?
   CAJETO: No Harmony Without Money

DAKINGSWEB: Yeah.... The line that keeps going through my head.... When I say d name Cajeto... Thought it was no Harmony with Harmony... Learnt That.. How did you get your Stage Name?
   CAJETO: from my real names Caje (cajethan)_ To (tochukwu)

DAKINGSWEB: Wonderful.... Who do you Look up to in the Music Industry?
    CAJETO: see my self making money and disturbing Africa and world wide at large with my music.

DAKINGSWEB: With our information, you're a student, so what Course re you reading in School?
     CAJETO: Project Management

DAKINGSWEB: So you just have Few Years to go, then you enter the Music World Fully?
    CAJETO: Grace will speak for us

DAKINGSWEB: Are you currently preparing a new track after the Loving Track you released earlier, Featuring @F2Ibe?
     CAJETO: Of Course! Many More are to be Unleashed, we never start sef!!

DAKINGSWEB: So how close are you with @F2Ibe?
       CAJETO: Hmmm!!! I guess that’s personal, how close I am with him doesn’t concern anyone.

DAKINGSWEB: Wanted to know because that's the Question flowing out from fellow artiste....

DAKINGSWEB: Are we gonna be expecting any Album/EP from You?
    CAJETO: By His Grace



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