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Monday, 29 January 2018

Graduate of Rochas Foundation College shares touching story - 'I began selling Indomie in the sun'

Feyi Sitsofe Kwami, a Ghanaian from Volta Region who gained admission into Rochas Foundation College Ibadan in 2005 has just shared his touching grass to grace story.

Feyi, who now runs a a digital savings platforms recently got a One Million naira business support from the Rochas Foundation Old Students Association (ROFOSA) narrated how he began selling Indomie in the sun to becoming a digital busines sowner.

Read his story below...
My name is Feyi Sitsofe Kwami, a Ghanaian from Volta Region. I gained admission into Rochas Foundation College Ibadan in 2005, and it was one of the best days of my life. Against all odds of all what they said against my benefactor, I am a proud product of The Rochas Foundation.
I enjoyed every moment of my stay in Rochas Foundation especially seeing the poor background from which I was coming and dreaming of the glorious future ahead of me through the Foundation. 
It all became very clear to me that through Rochas Foundation, I could become anything I wanted to become especially in 2007 when Daddy Rochas took us to the United States of America. My joy had no bounds as I had my most unforgettable memories. 
I graduated from Rochas Foundation College Ibadan in 2011 and got admission to study Economics in the University of Ibadan. Rochas Foundation was also very pivotal in my university education as we were given annual scholarship funds.  After my graduation from the university in December 2015, I went back to Rochas Foundation College Ibadan to meet with the Principal. I simply told him that I wanted to create jobs instead of roaming the streets searching for jobs. 
A great man of whom he is, he told me to pray about it. I came back some few days later to tell him am prepared to start selling Indomie and eggs and that as time went on we would add other things.
He told me to go round the school and take anywhere we wanted and we did that. My Partner and I began selling Indomie in the hot sun against all odds on the 20th of march 2016, it was not easy but we never wanted to give up.
It was tough but gradually we started building something. 
We started with less than 20,000 thousand and the funds were raised from different sources. We didn’t even pay ourselves for a year. Everything we got was either saved or used for transportation; still we never gave up.
A time came when Madam Uchechi Rochas came on a visit to the school. She saw me and gave us some money too. We didn’t even think twice. we called the carpenter and gave him everything to cover the shop more. 
In November 2017, we decided to also launch another F&K service called F&K Savings, a digital savings platforms that makes savings easy, flexible and fun. We had this idea in the beginning, when we wanted to start our business but we had no funds. Then we realized that if we had the opportunity to save while we were in school, after graduation we would have had something tangible to start our business with.
This made us to realise that we needed to start preaching the principles of saving too to people because we didn't want others to go through what we went through.
I have been able to through all this only because my Mentor, Daddy Rochas has taught me to be hardworking no matter where i find myself as he would always tell us that his 10 commandments are:  
And those 10 commandments have never left my heart.
He has inscribed them into my heart and it will be there forever.


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