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Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Sotayo Sobola - “I Don’t Look Like Someone That Prays, But I Pray A Lot”

Nollywood actress and producer, Sotayo Sobola who is not only known for her acting prowess but also Her makeups, her tattoos and her taste for expensive apparels and accessories, that she wouldn’t cut the picture of a girl that comes across as religious.
In a chat with Potpourri, says she’s very religious but admits many people and even close friends don’t know about it.
 I pray a lot when I’m alone”, she says
“I don’t look like someone that prays, but I don’t think praying has to be with your getting a microphone and coming out to say “hey, I’m praying” or trying to disturb your neighbours.
You don’t have to faint on the floor or say, fire! fire! For everybody to know you’re praying but honestly speaking, I do pray a lot.
I don’t know how to pray the Muslim prayer but trust me I’m very good when it comes to dressing up like an Alhaja. I just pray the normal way, that’s it”, she adds.
The founder of Sotee Entertainment, a company into every aspect of entertainment has a unique religious leaning and she explains it thus:
“I’m a ‘Christlem. I was born by a Christian Catholic father and raised by a Muslim mother. My mom is an Alhaja and my late dad was a Christian 


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