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Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Adaeze Yobo asks on IG - ''Between your spouse and kids, who should come first?''

Adaeze asked her followers this question on IG. She wrote
''Hey lovers ? Sooo i have this very uncomfortable question that I sometimes struggle with the answer.
Who do you think should come first in your life, your Spouse or your kids and why? *dudududuuun?
For me, my husband comes first but I feel uncomfortable saying it sometimes? I don't know if it's same with him cos he is obsessed with all our kids. maybe I'll ask him cc @jyobo234 ? ?‍??''.
No man will come before my child...he will die, resurrect and come back to life before he can be more important to me than a child I brought into this world! So what about you nice folks?


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